"Airbag Simulators" are an inexpensive way to test the vehicles airbag system before installing replacement airbags, or seatbelt pretensioners.
Airbag Simulators are design to help you test the airbag system on a vehicle so you can trouble shoot and verify the wiring harness and the computer system are working properly.
If you are a body shop or repair facility these are a must. These will make your job much easier when running diagnostics.

Simulators are $29.00 each for most vehicles. These DO NOT come with instruction on how to disable an airbag.
All vehicles types are available.

Disclaimer Warning: Anytime Airbag(s) are disconnected and airbag simulators are installed to duplicate the actual airbag the system will react as if functioning airbags are installed. These simulator devices are not recommended for permanent usage.
Consumers often forget that the vehicles airbag system is disabled and sell the vehicle, or an unaware driver operates this vehicle without knowing that this system is disabled.
There is no way of knowing if the system is disabled with an airbag simulators installed.
Airbag Systems issues WARNING LABELS indicating that the vehicles airbag is disconnected and it is required that all vehicles with airbags disconnected place these WARNING LABELS on the vehicle.
All airbags disconnected CAN BE RECONNECTED and vehicles systems set active by reversing the disconnecting steps.


"Simulator Disconnect Kits" Disconnecting kits are complete with step by step instructions on how to safely install airbag simulators. These kits are equipped with information that is detailed and vehicle specific. This is not a manual copied. These instructions are actual 'Airbag Systems' job site colored photos with written details on the how to do step by step procedures when working on 'your vehicles airbag(s).

Many repair shops DO NOT need this amount of detail to accomplishing the task.
This is designed for the do it yourself installers that are not familiar with airbag systems on automobiles.

Airbag(s) that are disconnected, or need disconnecting airbag simulators are installed to avoid computer codes being set. This procedure is safe, inexpensive and is sometimes is your best solution.
Removing an airbag without duplicating the signal to the vehicles on board computer system will generating a computer code illuminating the airbag indicator light in the instrument panel.

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